NFL star's wife Ashley

NFL star's wife Ashley dies of suspected brain aneurysm aged 29

The young wife of a star football player has died suddenly after fake oakleys suffering a suspected brain aneurysm or stroke.

Ashley Harris, 29, died on Sunday evening. She was the wife of San Diego cheap prom dresses Chargers defensive tackle Tommie Harris and had two young children, Tyson, aged three, and four month old Tinsley.

Tommie Harris played college football for the University of Oklahoma. He had a four year, $40 million contract with the Bears but was released at the end of the 2010 season and cheap jerseys moved to the San Diego Chargers last September.


An aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the vessel wall. As blood passes through the weakened vessel, the blood pressure causes it to bulge outwards like a balloon.

A San Diego Chargers spokesman said: 'The Chargers family is saddened by the sudden loss of one of our verychildren. Our prayers are with the Harris family during this most. cheap nfl jerseys

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produced in the heart of

Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith Kicks Off Tequila Herradura's Exclusive Buy wholesale jerseys

LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 11 /PRNewswire/ Tequila Herradura, one of the oldest and most respected 100 percent blue agave tequila brands since 1870, announces the china nfl jerseys nike launch of its exclusive Buy the Barrel program, an exceptional opportunity for tequila connoisseurs to order their very own Herradura Double Barrel Reposado. When bottled, each barrel yields approximately 240 bottles of specially crafted tequila reposado aged for an additional month, ensuring every ounce captures flavors and notes directly drawn from the selected barrels.

(Photo: (Photo: Connoisseurs have the option of traveling (at their own expense) to the Hacienda near Guadalajara, Mexico, to select their own Herradura Double Barrel Reposado. Once chosen, the tequila is placed Cheap Sunglasses in bottles adorned with personalized labels, including the purchaser's name, number and bottling date. The barrel itself then is varnished, branded and shipped with a framed certificate of ownership. Price per barrel is approximately $10,000 and the order process takes about 45 60 days.

Celebrated Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Emmitt Smith kicked off the program with the purchase of his own barrel at the brand's Hacienda San Jose del Refugio near Wholesale Bags Guadalajara, Mexico, on Thursday.

"I have always been a big fan of tequila and am thrilled to have the opportunity to be one of the first to travel to Casa Herradura to select my own Double Barrel Reposado," said Emmitt Smith, who became the first celebrity athlete to participate in the Buy the Barrel program during his visit to Casa Herradura in Amatitan, Jalisco. To enhance this tequila, it is matured for an additional month in a new toasted barrel handmade specifically for this extra aging. This process provides the tequila's uncommon smoothness and complex flavor notes of cooked agave, dried fruits and sweet brown spice.

"We are proud to introduce Casa Herradura's first Buy the Barrel program, which embraces the tequila aficionado and includes them in our celebrated selection process," said Mark Bacon, director of Casa Herradura Tequilas in North America. "We felt it was important for us, as a tequila institution, to share the art of making this fine spirit with our valued customers, such as Emmitt Smith. Wholesale Cheap Sunglasses We believe this program provides a great opportunity to partake in an unrivaled experience with our supporters as they select a unique expression of our tequila."

As part of its relationship with Smith, Tequila Herradura was a platinum sponsor of the Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational at TPC Craig Ranch in McKinney, Texas from May 14 15.

Founded by Ambrosio Rosales and Aurelio Lopez, Casa Herradura is one of the oldest and most respected producers of tequila, which many believe delivers the world's highest quality, most authentic tequila experience because of the expertise and leadership it has developed since 1870. Located and produced in the heart of Mexico's tequila region, in the tiny town of Amatitan, Jalisco, Tequila Herradura is 100 percent blue agave tequila carefully crafted using traditional methods, such as cooking the agave in clay ovens and fermenting naturally with wild yeast. This sophisticated process delivers a rich, smooth and unexpected taste that evokes memories of our agave fields.

Selected "Best Distillery of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast magazine in 2007, Tequila Herradura is all natural and estate bottled. Brown Forman Corporation is a diversified producer and marketer of fine quality consumer products, including Jack Daniel's, Southern Comfort, Finlandia Vodka, Tequila Herradura, el Jimador Tequila, Canadian Mist, Fetzer wines, and Korbel California Champagnes. Brown Wholesale Handbags Forman reminds you to drink responsibly.

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<P>Browning apple via

How to Make Crappy Wine cheap red bottoms Taste Good Good Wine Taste Better Without Any Special Tools

Letting wine "breathe" isn't just something that happens in restaurants in '80s teen comedies with snooty matre d's. It's really a thing, and you should learn how to do it at home, because it'll make just about any wine including Two Buck Chuck taste much, much better.

How Does Aerating (Letting Wine Breathe) Make It Taste Better?When you expose wine to air, two processes start: oxidation and evaporation. Oxidation means more oxygen is being added to something, which usually involves some kind of process of breakdown. red bottom shoes cheap When iron gets rusty or an apple turns brown, they're undergoing oxidation. Evaporation is when a liquid turns into a vapor.

When wine is aerated, many volatile compounds like sulfides become oxidized and then turn into vapor. This means they don't end up in your mouth, where they can make the wine taste sour, tannic, or louboutin shoes replica otherwise nasty. Ever sipped a glass of wine that has the taste of rubbing alcohol? That would be ethanol, another volatile compound. Exposing your wine to a lot of air reduces that harsh note as well.

So the longer wine is exposed to air, the more harsh flavors and notes begin to mellow out and blend together. If you have a very delicate older wine, you probably don't want it to aerate for too long or its singular aromas might literally turn into thin air. More recent vintages and very tannic wines (like Cabernet and Syrah) tend to be harsher and more concentrated. These can stand long periods of aeration and be better for it.

Do You Need to Buy a Fancy Aerator?Nope! There are plenty of ways to aerate wine at home, from the simple decanting method to using a blender to "hypercant" wine, all of which we'll get to in a moment. Many oenophiles (that's "wine enthusiast" in fancy talk) I know scoff at buying a specialized tool.

If you're an aspiring sommelier or have a serious wine collection, it may be worth the investment. If you just like a nice bottle of red with dinner and want it to taste better than the price tag might imply, you're better off sticking with home aeration methods.

Sedimentary, My Dear WatsonOne easy way to aerate wine is to decant the bottle. That simply means pouring the bottle into a large glass container with a wide mouth. The pouring action aerates the wine once, and letting it sit in the glass encourages the process further.

Decanting has an added benefit: if you're drinking an older wine, you'll also eliminate any sediment (aka fine grit) that might have settled at the bottom of the bottle. In other words, don't up end that thing and shake it to get the last few drops out. Gently tilt the neck of the bottle as you wholesale nfl jerseys pour and stop if you see any sediment about to drop into the decanter. Stop when the bottle is about halfway or two thirds empty.

Next, let the cheap nfl jerseys decanter and the semi full wine bottle sit for a while twenty to thirty minutes on average, an hour or more if the wine is very young and harsh. This way, the wine in the bottle still aerates, but much more slowly. That way you can save a little vino for later and it will retain its aromas and character.

If you really don't want to deal with washing another item, you can just open the bottle of wine at least an hour before you drink it and leave it alone. That's it. Yes, really that's it.

Aeration for One, PleaseWhat if you know you're only going to have one glass? You don't have to decant or aerate the entire bottle. To aerate a single glass of wine, hold the wine bottle as high as you can without splattering and pour. The distance the wine has to travel to get into the glass provides more aeration.

Be sure to use a wine glass with a deep bowl and stop pouring once the wine reaches the widest point of the bowl. This exposes the most available surface area to air.

Next, swirl the wine gently several times in a row. To do this without splashing liquid everywhere, keep the glass on a table. Hold it by the stem, then move the glass in small, smooth circles as quickly as you can. When you drink, take a small sip and pull air in through your nose to let the oxygen and the wine blend.

Please enable christian louboutin shoes replica JavaScript to watch this video.

If you're not sure about your hand eye motor coordination, you can also pour yourself a glass following the steps above and skip the swirling. Just leave the glass out for about fifteen minutes and voil! you've got aeration, baby.

To Hypercant or Not Hypercant?Some science types have suggested using a blender on wine. Hypercanting is a bit of a misnomer whipping wine through a blender is really the process of hyperaeration, but that doesn't sound as nifty as hypercanting.

Inventor Nathan Myhrvold believes that pulsating wine for 30 to 60 seconds will do what decanting does, but much more quickly. An immersion hand blender would work for this process, too. Some people have pointed out that in very high speed blenders, the motor runs so swiftly that it can warm up the wine and ruin the delicate balance of flavors.

Our verdict? You may want to try hypercanting on a very low risk bottle of vino. Two Buck Chuck sounds just about right.

Browning apple via All Science Fair Project, Syrah via Wine Dine with Us, Sommelier via Wine in Provence, Wine sediment via Wikipedia, Decanted wine via The Kitchn, Poured wine via Shutterstock, Blender wine via Wine Searcher, Original good grapes, bad grapes, warning bottle, bottle, and thumbs up images via Shutterstock

Let be honest, most of us buy the bottom shelf vodka either because we broke or because we going to disguise the gag inducing taste of it with juice or something fizzy. If you cooking or baking with vodka (ice cold vodka works wonders in pie crust), what the point of buying Belvedere?

Yet, even when disguised by other tastes or evaporated over flame, something of the vodka essence, minimal though it may be, comes through. That why it nice to use a quality spirit if you can get it. If you can there are some good tricks to make your bottom shelf hooch taste more like.

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